A quaint small
Restaurant with home style
cooking and baking.

Here we try to preserve
some of the history of our
small town and the "Indian Legend"
of the great warrior and
leader Chief Schenevus.

Read about the legend of
Chief Schenevus

For the finest in-home cooking.
Open year 'round.

"Hey Friends,

Thanks again for visiting our page. We always have appreciated your business.

Although our restaurant is closed we still frequent the memories of what was an excellent restaurant, by periodically visiting this page.

Our goal was always to honor the life of a warrior named Chief Schenevus. And we hope that we achieved that goal with our delicious homestyle cooking. During our 16 years, we forged many relationships and built long-lasting friendships.

To our frequent restaurant goes, we’d like to thank you! We’d especially like to give a shout out to one of our dearest friends, Diego. Diego currently owns a towing company in Newark, NJ.  Before that though, he lived nearby the restaurant and was a regular. We chatted a lot about Chief Schenevus.

We had a lot of great conversations regarding our hometown of Schenevus in New York. Schenevus is a beautiful Hamlet town that was home to Chief Schenevus and the Iroquois nation.  Schenevus is a historical town that rapidly grew during its earliest years for it is a small industrial.

We always loved to hear about Diego’s hometown of Newark, NJ as well. Thanks for all the laughter and memories Diego!"

You never forget a guy like Tony. We were lucky enough to make his acquaintance when he dropped by our restaurant in NY, Chief Schenevus. He had this air of confidence on him that you just had to respect. A neat coat with a fancy tie was just the tip of the iceberg. He looked sophisticated. Even my restaurant, which was my pride and joy, looked like a football team’s locker room next to him.

After talking to the guy, the discussion steered towards a party he was having. And the party was coming to us. We never knew exactly what he meant by it until it hit us. He had a party bus rental company in Jersey City, and it was heading straight towards our restaurant. Thirty people were having the time of their lives aboard the bus. They probably came from some night club and I could tell that they were spent. And among a lot of other things that they were feeling, they were hungry and we were more than happy to oblige. We did not get the chance to ask them what the party was about but I’m sure it was not about someone’s christening. Everyone was making out with someone, and my staff just thought it was the funniest sight.

We did have to stay open a little bit longer but that is nothing compared to what we had earned in sales and reputation. Everyone loved our place and our staffers were tipped well. And my boy Tony just sat there in the corner making sure that everyone is happy.