Legend part two.

   One clear summer morning, the braves of Chief Schenevus set out to hunt deer. Manatee took the trail that led along the edge of the gorge. Schenevus Lake
Another brave, named Ghangu, (who also loved Manaho), followed Manatee closely.
At the edge of the gorge, high above the pool, Manatee stopped. He bent over the edge to gaze at the pool beneath. Ghangu took this opportunity to catch Manatee off guard. He sprung forward & pushed Manatee into the gorge. As he fell, the pines on the hill echoed Manatee's dying wail.

   The waters of the pool stirred greatly as they received him, but were quick to close over him peacefully. Ghangu departed & was never seen again.

Manaho Gorge

Later that evening, all of the hunters returned. All that is, except Manatee. Manaho, thinking that perhaps he was waiting for her at the gorge, went to the edge above the pool. He was not there. She leaned forward to gaze at the waters below, & staring up at her were her lover's cold, still eyes.

Manaho looked again, & there mirrored on the surface, were their two faces side by side. It was then that she remembered the words of Manatee: "It is a sign from the Great Spirit that wherever I am, there you shall always be. "Yes", cried Manaho, "it is the Great Spirit calling me to be with you. And where you are there too, I shall always be."