On South Hill... across from Chaseville, there is a place called Manaho Gorge. It is named for Manaho the only daughter of Chief Schenevus.

   Years ago, the now tiny brook was a roaring stream which flowed into a foaming waterfall & cascaded down into a tranquil


pool at the base of the gorge.It was here that the great tragedy of the tribe of Chief Schenevus... the tribe of the... "Speckled Trout", occurred.

    Schenevus was a Indian Chieftain in region of the Susquehanna River. There was no Chief as powerful & feared as he. Chief Schenevus had many warriors under his command. He also had many scalps, which hung in his wigwam. But even more than all of his power, Chief Schenevus loved his daughter, Manaho.

    Manaho was light of foot, light of heart, happy & loving. Her voice was like rippling water & her form was like the passing of a soft breeze.


   There were many lovers who sought the favor of Manaho, but she loved only one man...his name was Manatee, son of Wameto. Manaho & Manatee's favorite retreat was the pool at the bottom of the falls, in what is now called Manaho Gorge.

   One evening, while gazing into the pool, the young lovers' happy faces were mirrored side by side on its tranquil surface. "Look", said Manaho, "we are there together." Manatee replied, "it is a sign from the Great Spirit that where I am, there you shall always be."