More Legends of Chief Schenevus

Through generations of Indian Folklore, many versions of the legend of Chief Schenevus have been told. Here are a few more of them.

Version 1

     Oneonta was the daughter of Chief Schenevus. She loved a young warrior from another tribe whose name was Manaho. Chief Schenevus was very much opposed to their courtship. Princess ManahoObedient, but grief-stricken, Oneonta leaped to her death from the edge of the gorge. As she fell, she cried out the name "Manaho".

Version 2

     Manaho, the daughter of Chief Schenevus, was promised in marriage to Oneonta, the son of another tribal chieftain. However, Manaho was in love with a white man. She & the white man eloped & were pursued by the irate Chief. The pursuit led the couple to the edge of the gorge, where they were not able to cross. Manaho & her lover chose death & leapt into the waters below, rather than falling into the avenging hands of Chief Schenevus & his braves.

Indian Blood Lineage.

     Some people have disagreed that with the theory that with the death of Manaho, (allegedly Chief Schenevus' only child), the chief's bloodline perished. There is later mention of the chief having had four sons. However, according to the laws or Indian blood lineage, only a chief's daughter can pass the family bloodline to her child. This then means that the son of a chief cannot pass the family bloodline to any child that he may father.