Part Two

    In 1865 the building of the rail road brought more industry to the area. Dairy products, wood and potatoes were some of the commodities shipped by rail


  The Schenevus Fair, started in 1864, it was well known for its wondrous attractions. It became famous for its handworks exhibits.

For many years it was the leading fair in this part of the state. Families came from near and far, with basket lunches, to exchange news while they enjoyed the displays.

    Other local entertainment was provided by theatricals, musical evenings and other events held in the Hubbard Opera House located in the Monitor Building on Main Street next to the Borst house.


Electricity came to Schenevus around the end of the century. An electric light plant was built on Schenevus Creek. As a result of this power dam, a small lake was formed were fishing parties took place in winter and canoers wandered up the creek in the summer to enjoy the park.

In 1894, the Schenevus National Bank was opened and it was about that time that telephone service came to the area.

Wilber National Bank is now located in the building.A new front was installed in 1970, giving is a different look.