Part Three


The first school in town of Maryland was established in 1805. Over the years, Schenevus had many one-room schools. The Schenevus Academy was built on Arch Street in 1872 and became known for its Teacher Training Classes.

A red brick school followed on that site in 1911. The present school was opened as Andrew S. Draper Central School in 1941, on its present location.

The former school served as a glove shop, fire department and auction house before it was torn down in 1976 to make way for the Snyder Apartments.


From the Revolutionary War to the present time, Schenevus has seen its citizens serve in the military.

The Soldiers Monument, erected by public subscription was dedicated on Memorial Day, 1894. It lists not only the names of the 208 volunteers from the town of Maryland who served in the Civil War, but also the names of those local citizens who served in the Revolution, the War of 1812, the Spanish American War, and World War I.

Veterans of World War II are Honored by a second monument located in front of the Andrew S. Draper School on Upper Main Street in the village. Sons of our area also served with valor in the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the recent conflict known as "Desert Storm".


Local citizens have done their part to support those who served their country. One example of their efforts was their faithful participation during World War II in Civilian Ground Observer Corps. Residents of Schenevus were part of the more than 60 people who kept a constant 24-hour daily watch for enemy aircraft.

In 1943, during a training exercise, watchers were credited with logging over 97% of planes within spotting distance of their station.

Writen by
Minnie Beams,
Village Historian 1991

Pictures courtesy
Ralph Roland's,
Postcard Collection

The growth of shopping malls, the emergence of a car for every family member, and the building of the Interstate, I-88, which by-passes the village, have made Schenevus a quieter, less busy place to live.

People in the village, however, still take pride in its history and tradition of over 200 years of peace and prosperity.