Part One

    Much of the present Village of Schenevus was built on land bought by Josiah Chase and Joshua Bigelow in 1791.

     Schenevus, settled in 1793 under the name of Jacksonboro,this was the only incorporated Village in the Town of Maryland. Incorporation took place on June 6, 1870.


However the first Post Office was established 41 years before in 1829. When the next post office was established, in 1848, the nameSchenevus was chosen.

In 1864 Schenevus was a hamlet with approximately 50 houses and 200 residents.

    Chief Schenevus and his beautiful daughter Manaho are an important part of its legendary heritage. Various area names, Schenevus Creek, Manaho Gorge, and the name of the village itself demonstrate this heritage.


    The settling of the white man in Schenevus begins early in the settlement of New York State. One of the first establishments in the village was the Sisko Tavern in 1795. It was located on upper Main Street and was made of wood and stone. It had doors large enough to accommodate a team of horses in order to draw in the backlog for the fireplace.

   Early in the Village's history, mills of all sorts sprung up all along both the Schenevus and Elk Creek to supply the needs of the ever-increasing population.

   Sawmills, grits mills, a cooper shop and a tannery were early village businesses.